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photoblog image Booty Luv
I haven't been doing much recently, so any job that my agency offers I do. I've photographed a few acts at G-A-Y in London. It's a new venue which moved sometime towards the end of 2008. In the new venue you can't hang around back stage, which mean you have to wait in a room with all the club goers, normally very loud music, hot and sweaty. Not great. Last time I was there I photographed Lily Allen which was great, getting to see her live and up close. This occasion was a duo called Booty Luv, not so sure I was over keen on their music, I've heard worse. They went down really well as their music was well suited to a night club atmosphere. Available light was very poor, it never is great a live show, here, they don't object to camera flash. This shot was with no flash. With such slow shutter speeds, you get blur from the movement of the people in the shot. Walking about taking general landscape shots its quite acceptable to keep the shutter speed above the focal length. When shooting moving objects such as people, this method doesn't work quite so well. Shots with flash kill and atmosphere from the night, but will still appeal to news and magazine media, plus you can use faster shutter speeds and freeze the action for a clear shot.
Tech Info: ISO 1000, lens 17-40mm, 1/60 @ 23mm
vz-nostalgia from United States 19 Aug 2009, 16:46
still shooting pretty girls, Nathan? smile
with booties like this they don't have to sing well to be successful. smile
nathan hulse: Cheers VZ. Yep still shooting pretty young girls, although I did a male yesterday.
Sorry to the other commenter, I deleted your comment by accident

Anthony Coyle from Spain 20 Aug 2009, 15:54
Pretty big signature. Excellent shot.
nathan hulse: I'll try not to delete this comment.
Thanks for your comment on the shot. I got the idea for the headline/title type sig from another photographer (Andy Lesauvage). I was trying to post a link but it doesn't work. I use a similar thing on some images including this depending on the potential commercial value of the shot. Also I used this image for the front page of my web site it kinda works there. I didn't realise once you press 'convert to other profile' on PS it also flattens the image, otherwise I would have saved 2 edits.
Sorry for long reply.

Anthony Coyle from Spain 20 Aug 2009, 16:25
Don't worry, I love long and interesting replies ;-)

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LightningPaul from Belgium 2 Sep 2009, 13:46
The image turned out pretty ok. Indeed, the two ladies are not sharp enough but I thought you "miss focused" on the male dancer in the middle on the background. I think your remedy would be using a higher ISO. Even at this ISO I don't (or hardly) notice any noise.
The lighting, white balance, framing and action catch is excellent.

must fill in
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camera Canon EOS-1D Mark III
exposure mode aperture priority
shutterspeed 1/60s
aperture f/4.0
sensitivity ISO1000
focal length 23.0mm
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